OnePlus keyboard leak hints at traditional design and enigmatic big red buttons

OnePlus has unveiled a new product.Characteristic” A project that starts with a new PC-compatible keyboard and is dedicated to a new product that is completely different from the usual mobile device offerings. Now the blog 91 mobile An image of this first-generation accessory, which claims to have a hand in the top right corner.

The original keyboard in the published photos definitely gives off an old-school feel, especially with its traditional design and basic color of the main body. Some keys (such as the function row) share this shading, while others, such as the yellow Enter key, may be more prominent.

But according to 91 mobile, no one will ever see them again, or possibly your custom font, thanks to the sleek, shiny red cylinder set in the corner above the delete key. Despite the vibrant, classic OnePlus colors of this potential volume control or tuner, there may be more texture or character to some potential buyers.

Then again, the keyboard manufacturers themselves may have some reaction to this new leak. A new video teaser for OnePlus’s keyboard “Ultra-precision CNC“- Tapped aluminum for structure is much more evident.

You’ll see a two-tone gray scheme for the keys, but there’s no yellow in the menu here. In fact, the Enter and Esc keys seem to act as red accents instead. It may have a volume knob in the same place as the 91Mobiles spill, but it’s shaped differently and made of a transparent material.

OnePlus has also included what could be final hardware tweaks for the upcoming product. You’ll see two rear toggles next to the USB Type-C port.

One switches clearly between wired and wireless modes and looks like a warning slider, albeit next to one of a much different design. “Win/Mac” (although Linux support was also mentioned before.)

So either the new tips on the blog aren’t accurate, or OnePlus plans to offer plenty of custom keycap options for its first mechanical keyboard. Until now, OEMs have beenrigorous testing phase” It is under development and is on track for release in February 2023.

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