OnePlus opens the front against Samsung! Find out why the Galaxy S23 Ultra was mocked

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price: Leading smartphone maker Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been released. latest smartphone Samsung Unpacked 2023 Released on a global level from the event. interesting thing oneplus We also covered this event. The Chinese smartphone company has heavily targeted the Galaxy S23 smartphone. This Samsung mobile is currently the most expensive Android phone. OnePlus mocked Samsung regarding pricing. Let’s take a look at how the Chinese smartphone company dug up its latest premium phone.

In terms of price, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra competes with Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. In a recent tweet, OnePlus mocked Samsung, which makes vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, TVs, microwaves, washing machines and air purifiers. The Chinese company also mocked the Korean company for keeping its smartphones expensive. OnePlus claimed the Galaxy S23 Ultra with a 200MP primary camera is overpriced.

OnePlus 11 5G Promo

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has an MRP of Rs 1,49,999 but currently this phone can be pre-booked for Rs 1,24,999. At the same time, OnePlus was targeting Samsung at the same price and heavily promoting its upcoming phone. While praising the OnePlus 11 5G on Twitter, the Chinese smartphone said the phone would not be overpriced.

Why is it called Galaxy?

OnePlus has said that its upcoming phones won’t be overly expensive like the Pro, Max and Ultra. In another interesting tweet, OnePlus said “Why is it called Galaxy?” What’s peculiar is that the Chinese company itself responded with mockery, naming it Galaxy because of its ‘astronomical price’ (extremely high price).

No charger

In addition to this, OnePlus has accused Samsung of not providing a charger in the phone box. The base variant of the Samsung Galaxy S23 is priced at Rs 74,999. At the same time, the base variant of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus costs Rs 94,999. Users can pre-order Samsung’s newest smartphone on the company’s official website.

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