Only one “Yu-Gi-Oh” card in the world will be put on the eBay platform for bidding on April 19

Whether it is “Magic The Gathering”, “Pokémon” trading cards or “Yu-Gi-Oh” has developed a long history since its initial release, and players often see some extremely rare cards become In the eyes of collectors, it is a dreamy masterpiece, even willing to spend a high price to buy it. For example, not long ago, a “Black Lotus” card from “Magic: The Gathering” successfully broke the historical record of “Magic: The Gathering”, with a score of 54 It sold for $10,000 at an auction. And just recently, a card from Yu-Gi-Oh has been the focus of similar discussions.

According to the report of the Anime News Network website, a unique “Yu-Gi-Oh” card “Tyler the Great Warrior” (Tyler the Great Warrior) will be launched on the eBay website on April 19th. Many fans who are familiar with this series Everyone has more or less heard the story behind this card, and because of this, this “Great Warrior Taylor” is bound to attract collectors from all over the world to compete for bids.

To put it simply, this card is a special card officially presented by “Yu-Gi-Oh” to Tyler Gressle, a child with cancer in 2005. Tyler Gressle, who was still young at the time, made a wish to the charity Make-A-Wish Foundation during his cancer fight, hoping to have an exclusive “Yu-Gi-Oh” card, and the agency then successfully contacted the original “Yu-Gi-Oh” card. The author, Takahashi Kazuki, finally agreed to personally design a “Yu-Gi-Oh” card for Tyler Gressle, and this “Great Warrior Tyler”, which is the only one in the world, was born as a result, with his own autograph attached.

Over the years, Tyler Gressle has often talked about his experience of getting this card. At the time, the boy was continuing his battle against a rather rare cancer called undifferentiated sarcoma of the liver. At the time, there were fewer than 200 cases of this rare disease in the United States. While he was undergoing chemotherapy, Gressle contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation and made it clear that he wanted to have his own Yu-Gi-Oh card with a note on his favorite anime It’s “Dragon Ball”. Because of this, the card design of this “Great Warrior Taylor” was deeply inspired by Future Trunks.

After getting his wish, Gressle kept this one-of-a-kind card safe. After many years of his successful fight against cancer, he hopes to have the opportunity to repay the Make-A-Wish Foundation that helped him realize his dream at that time, and announced that he will buy a part of this “Great Warrior Taylor” on the auction website The final bidding price will be donated to this institution. Bidding on this card will open on April 19th and close on the 26th.

Of course, no one can predict how high this “Great Warrior Taylor” will eventually reach. This card is not only unique, but also has such a heartwarming story. Before that, some relatively rare “Yu-Gi-Oh” cards did often set amazing prices. As for the most expensive “Yu-Gi-Oh.” In addition, a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon also set a price record of 400,000 US dollars at auction.