[Parent-child test]Meta turns Animated Drawings open-source hand-painted graffiti AI into animation

In 2021, Meta’s Basic AI Research Group (FAIR) began to study the “Animated Drawings” project that converts hand-painted figures into animations, and launched a program called “Animated Drawings Demo” to collect a large number of hand-drawn figures and annotation data. A few days ago, Meta announced that it will open source the “Animated Drawings” project, allowing developers to easily develop software for painting-to-animation experience. Let’s try how to easily convert kids’ doodles into animations.

The “Animated Drawings Demo” collected more than 1.6 million hand-drawn drawings within a few months of its launch, allowing developers to improve the model. The open-source “Animated Drawings” not only converts hand-painted figures into animations, but also supports multi-character dances, background images, and non-humanoid skeletons.

“Animated Drawings” open source web page:click here

Try the web version of “Animated Drawings Demo”

The web version of “Animated Drawings Demo” is very easy to use. You only need to take a photo of the portrait graffiti, and after five simple steps, you can convert the graffiti into animation and share it on WhatsApp and social platforms. It is very suitable for parents and children to spend a little time playing .

“Animated Drawings Demo” website: click here

Step 1. Upload the picture

“Animated Drawings Demo” is based on human figures, and animals such as dogs and cats are not accepted. The hands and feet of the person in the painting need to be separated and cannot overlap. In addition, it is best to have no shadows when shooting hand-painted, which can be avoided by using the phone to shoot in telephoto mode. Upload the hand-painted pictures to the “Animated Drawings Demo” website, and agree to the terms of use.

Step 2. Draw the character range

The child’s hand drawing may draw a lot of objects and characters, and everyone has to specify which character to animate.

Step 3. Correct the shape of the character

Although the AI ​​will try its best to outline the character’s shape, the hand-painted lines will inevitably have “breakthrough”. In this step, you need to use the brush at the bottom of the interface to correct the character’s shape. The light color is the range of the character’s shape, and the dark part will not be counted. Character shape. The interface provides brushes and erasers, and there are 4 sizes of pens, thick and thin, and multiple steps can be canceled.

Step 4. Set character joints

AI will automatically judge the joint position of the character, but there may be mistakes. You can adjust the joint position in this step.

Step 5. Select action

After setting up the skeleton, you can basically see the doodle character move. The website provides more than 30 sets of preset actions, which can be applied to the characters. Or select “Fix” to modify. “Share” can share to social platforms or download mp4 video files.

This is myMatchstick MenAnimation results:

Trendy Stable Diffusion, Xiao Bian also try to use AI Wen Sheng map to generate a more realisticlittle girlbut the animation produced distorts the real person very much, so it is better to use hand-drawn graffiti to make animation.