Porsche Adds CarPlay to Cayman, Cayenne and Boxster Lineup

Sports car manufacturer Porshe has added CarPlay functionality to its refreshed communications management system.


PCCM Plus or Porsche Classic Communication Management has been retrofitted with CarPlay and is now available on 2005-2008 Cayman models, 987 Boxster, 997 Porsche 911 and 2003-2008 first generation Cayenne models. The retrofitted touchscreen unit replaces the original DIN and works with the existing navigation display. The system can store personal settings and can play media via Bluetooth or USB drive.

Owners of Porsche cars of that model can purchase PCCM Plus for $1,475.99 from their existing Porsche dealer. The car manufacturer recommends installing the system through an authorized Porsche Classic partner or dealer. The company has released similar CarPlay kits for vintage models, which allow owners to use CarPlay features in a variety of cars, including the 1990 Porsche 993 and 1960 993 models.

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