Pregnant woman saved life with ECG app.

CBS News recently featured a story about a pregnant woman who said Apple’s ECG app saved her life and her unborn baby’s life.

apple watch

Jesse Kelly received multiple high heart rate notifications on her Apple Watch weeks before her due date. However, Kelly insisted that he did not engage in strenuous activity which could explain his high heart rate. The first time she said she put off the alarm, but after the second and third time she called the hospital for help.

Doctors then discovered that Kelly had suffered a placental abruption. It is a complication of pregnancy that causes a woman to bleed. Unbeknownst to her, she was already going into labor, but the doctors acted quickly and were able to deliver her baby safely.

Kelly said the Apple Watch saved her life and recommended that “everyone should take the device’s medical alerts seriously.” The woman thanked the nurse, the doctor and the Apple Watch.

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