Premier League︱Cherlus 1:2 at home against Bai Leighton, Linbert returned to the nest to lead the 3-game defeat (23:58)-20230415-Sports-Instant News

Chelsea have been unbeaten for five consecutive games in various competitions, and have recorded zero goals in the last four games. They faced the “dark horse” of this year’s Premier League “dark horse” Bradleyton in the last game, Lin Bo, who returned to the home for the first time after returning to the nest for the second time. Special, before the game, it was expected to usher in a tough game. “Our team has experienced a lot of setbacks, and it will take time to regroup. At this moment, it will definitely be a very difficult game to face the high-moralized Bradleyton.” As a result, they were besieged by the away team in the first half. Although the “Blue Warriors” were under pressure, they relied on midfielder Ganaga Licha’s long-range shot to save the opponent from changing direction and entering the net to open the scoring first, breaking the team’s recent scoring shortage. However, Bradleyton and the follow-up dominated the situation. In the 42nd minute of the battle, Bradleyton’s midfielder Perscogos made a cross from the right, and forward Verbeek headed in from a close goal to equalize the halftime.

After changing sides, Chelsea did not see any improvement. Limbert switched in Joofelis, Les James, Xue Yezhi and Gao Huaxi in one breath in 56 minutes, but less than 3 minutes later, Bradleyton Reserve forward Ansso overwhelmed Les James and Dulio Chalobah and shot the center post. Verbeek, who was on the “chicken”, was under pressure and shot over the goal, allowing Chelsea to escape unharmed . However, the 19-year-old Paraguayan rising star Ansso successfully fired a long-range shot from 30 yards from the goal in the 70th minute, and finally helped Bai Leighton win 2:1. After the game, Chelsea lost three consecutive games in all competitions and were unbeaten in six games. They scored 39 points in 31 league games and fell to 11th. They are only 12 points away from Nottingham Forest, which is 18th in the relegation zone. Bai Leighton continued to rank seventh with 49 points in 29 games.

As for Everton, who fired Linbert in January this year, under the leadership of Tai Zhi, they lost 1:3 to Fulham at home yesterday. They scored 27 points in 31 games and continued to rank 17th. Fulham ended its five-game losing streak in all competitions. , and scored 42 points in 30 games, surpassing Chelsea, who played one more game, to move up to 10th.

In addition, Newcastle played against Aston Villa and met Waterloo yesterday. The brave home team striker Oni Qujians almost succeeded in hitting the post in less than 30 seconds of the start, and then he assisted the midfielder with a header in 11 minutes. Sri Lanka opened the record. Although he fought back successfully in the 61st minute due to offside, he scored twice in the 64th and 83rd minutes respectively, leading Villa to 3 eggs for the Magpies. It also terminated the opponent’s five-game winning streak.

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