Premier League︱Shaka’s 12-yard banquet turned into tears, Arsenal was forced by Weiss and lost another point (22:59)-20230416-Sports-Instant News

After being eliminated by Shi Porting in the top 16 of the Central European Champions last month, Arsenal buried their heads in the Premier League to grab points. Before the game, they won 2 wins, 1 and 7 points. This campaign continues to be led by “Lord Jesus” Gabriel Jesses, assisting With Gabier Martinelli and Bukayoshaka on the left and right flanks, and from the back are midfielders Martin Odigat, Glesaga and Thomas Burdy. West Ham used Michali Antonio as the arrow, and it was Bin Huama and Chalo Baoyun who provided him with the ammunition for the goal.

Seven minutes after the start of the game, after a round of organization from the right by Arsenal, Oddgart made a straight pass to Binwait. Leeds United scored twice and scored his fourth Premier League goal in the last three games after touching Liverpool in the last game. Only 3 minutes later, Martinelli made a pass from the left to Audigart in the back post and “Woli” scored the first time, helping Arsenal to take the lead with two goals. In the 33rd minute, although Arsenal’s Brazilian defender Gabir Magasis shrank his foot in the penalty area, West Ham’s Lucas Pakita flew and fell, and the ball was decided to be awarded 12 yards. , the “Samba” midfielder is suspected of “inserting water”. The “Hammer Gang” was chased by winger Bin Huama and Zhonghu was 1:2 behind at the end of the half.

In the 50th minute of the second half, Antonio, who returned to defend, committed a handball in the penalty area. After the video referee (VAR) intervened, Arsenal was awarded 12 yards. Shaka handled it but shot out of bounds, missing the opportunity to open the score. Four minutes later, West Ham defender Terukila made a pass from the back to Gao Bo, who broke through the offside Baoyun and shot the ground wave immediately. Although Arsenal goalkeeper Lansdale blocked the ball, he still bounced into the inner post and was caught. The draw was 2:2. In 67 minutes, Adidas, the leader of Arsenal, replaced Lord Jesus and Burdy, who also had yellow cards, with winger Liando Duchat and midfielder Zojna, but “Arsenal” failed to add another record in the end. After taking 1 point and returning, they scored 74 points in 31 games after the game, and the difference with the second-placed Manchester City, who played one less game, was reduced to 4 points.

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