Premier League ︱ It is said that Sharah Liverpool’s executioner role is not guaranteed. Winger Dias is likely to return to Leeds United (22:49) – 20230417 – Sports – Instant News

Leeds United vs. Liverpool now611/621 channel live at 03:00 on Tuesday morning

Mohammad Sharah was a guest at Bonnymouth in the Premier League last month, and he shot a “banquet” against Arsenal at home in the last game. It is reported that Gao Pu is dissatisfied. “The Times” reported today that Gao Pu will meet with The Egypt international discussed whether to continue to use the opponent as Liverpool’s executioner. As for the “Red Army” tomorrow morning’s league opponents, Leeds United, they were scored 12 yards by Sana three times. The Red Army is currently ranked 8th with 44 points in 29 games, and is 12 points away from the “fourth brother” Newcastle.

In addition, the Red Army’s Colombian winger Luis Dias suffered a serious injury in early October last year, and only recently resumed operations and performed well. Gao Pu was very happy. He even said: “Dias is 100% ready and will be beaten. Included in the army, and his English has improved a lot, and he is more mature than before. Now he is like a new recruit to the team, and he is like a breath of fresh air.” Ranked 16th, Leeds United is now only three tails behind Nottingham Forest scored two points, and the Premier League lost 1:5 to Crystal Palace at home, which may have had a negative impact on the players.

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