Rangoli Design Ideas to Celebrate January 26th

Republic Day 2023: Rangoli Design Ideas to Celebrate January 26th | YouTube- Rangolis and Fashion

Republic Day commemorates the establishment of the Constitution of India, which came into effect on 26 January 1950. Citizens across India celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The Republic Day Parade is also being held at Kartavya Path and other locations in New Delhi, which is made up of the Indian Armed Forces. On this day, national flags are raised across the country. Cultural programs and public events are held in schools, offices and government offices.

Rangoli is an important part of most Indian festivals. It is considered auspicious and people express their creativity by painting beautiful rangolis. Various pictures related to the Indian flag and the use of the tricolor are drawn with the help of rangoli to express patriotism for the country.

If you’re still undecided which rangoli to try for the 74th Republic Day, here are a few tutorial videos to help you draw the best rangoli in your own space. Check it out below.

This rangoli design is simple yet stunning. You can also include Republic Day slogans and quotes in your Rangoli design. We hope this tutorial helped you make Rangoli for Republic Day.

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