Samsung is building an ‘extended reality’ wearable – Engadget 中文版

Cesc Maymo/Getty Images

In addition to the new Galaxy S23 mobile phone and Gaalxy Book 3 laptop, Samsung is now also revealing greater ambitions in hardware. It confirmed to the Washington Post that it is building an “extended reality” wearable device that can include AR, VR, and MR. This “XR” (Extended Reality) solution will be supported by Meta and Microsoft, and the first product will run a special version of the Android system designed by Google for the virtual world, and the chip will be provided by Qualcomm.

For further details, Samsung will share it later. However, Lu Taiwen, the company’s head of mobile products, said that the ecosystem needs to “make some preparations” before the release. They don’t want to repeat the mistakes of some competitors and rush to launch hardware without strong support. In fact, Samsung, which has brought many Gear VR and HMD Odyssey, is also an old player in this field. It’s just that after 2018, they gradually moved away from the relevant market, leaving the competition stage to companies such as Meta and HTC.

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