SmartThings iOS now allows Matt device control.

A recent update to the iOS app SmartThings added support for Matter devices.

SmartThings is Samsung’s counterpart to Apple HomeKit and is an app available for both iPad and iPhone through the App Store. Matter support was technically added to the SmartThings platform back in October, but only now the iOS app has been updated to support Matter-enabled smart devices. This means iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone users can now control it with the SmartThings Hub.

Prior to the update, only Android phones could control Matt accessories. Homes with both iOS and Android can now set commands without having to use a specific smartphone brand.

iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users are advised to get the latest SmartThings update to access Matter features. SmartThings is a free download from the App Store and Play Store. Matter accessories can connect to SmartThings and HomeKit as long as they have a hub.

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