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Great game in Taiwan last week! Although the lively Chinese professional baseball has not yet started, as the World Baseball Classic (WBC) returns to the baseball field again, even though the ups and downs continued before the game, the whole people still gave their praises in the end, and the Chinese team also created success. After watching the wonderful and bright four games, there must be many old fans who want to reminisce about the great achievements of the Chinese team in the WBC in the past, and there are also many new fans who like baseball because of the WBC this time. In the past and present, perhaps, a visit to the “WBC Chinese Team Heroes Special Exhibition” at the Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store in Taipei Nanxi can solve the problem at once. Walking into the ninth floor of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Taipei Nanxi, you can immediately see the biggest feature of the baseball field: the turf. With the name of the exhibition, you can immediately be sure that you are not going the wrong way. Turning another corner, you can see the photo sticker machine specially set up in the “WBC Chinese Team Heroes Special Exhibition”. It is also thoughtful for the needs of fans, and it is divided into two styles: players and cheerleaders. The majestic standing sign on one side also highlights the theme of the heroes of the Chinese team from the entrance; exhibition. (Sitting on the turf and watching the broadcast is similar to sitting on the lawn on a hill and watching the broadcast on a super-large screen at Wimbledon) (Want to hang shoulders with the players? Do you want to be in the same frame as the cheerleaders? wish!) formally entered the exhibition hall, the first thing that catches the eye is the “Historical Review Area”. The photo collections on both sides of the wall allow us to quickly go back to 2006, from the first WBC to the present. In addition, there is also an area for the Chinese team, where the huge photos of each player lead the audience to re-experience the thrilling Tokyo trip of the third WBC in 2013. Although photos are used as the main visual concept, major events presented in words are the finishing touch on the wall. If you have been in front of the TV or in front of the scene, you can’t help yourself because of the Chinese team’s every move in the WBC arena, you must be able to experience the original throbbing again. (Let the wonderful photos of each WBC lead us into the time corridor to relive old dreams) (A corner dedicated to Chinese athletes, let’s reminisce about the touch that the Chinese team has brought to us) In the case of playing and playing, the 3rd WBC in 2013 has become the current Chinese team The team had the most outstanding performance in the WBC, and the “Limited Exhibit Area” planned in the special exhibition, through the display of souvenirs, let the audience think back to the blue thread in 2013, such as the 2013 WBC preliminaries. In order to grasp the victory of the Chinese team, Yang Yaoxun, who fought against Korea, was still struggling on the pitcher’s mound with his fingers broken, and the ball pants he used at that time were also stained with blood. Looking at these bloody pants, it is not difficult to imagine the players at that time fighting spirit. Although the scope of the exhibition area is not large, the all-inclusive exhibits reflect the sweat of the Chinese team on the court from various angles. No matter how old you are or how long you have watched football, you can find traces of our youth here! (The bloody pants left by Yang Yaoxun because of broken fingers also symbolize the player’s perseverance to not let go until the victory is won) Continue to walk through the dark screen that blocks the light, and the “video playback area” like a peach blossom garden appears in front of you , Through the videos played on the TV screen, you can review the selected clips of each team in the previous four games, and you can also recall the legendary history written by each team’s players through the small white ball and bat. Compared with the past and the present, you can feel the long Chinese spirit. And when the anchor and ball commentator’s excited tone of voice for an unknown player, or seeing the annoyed expression of a star player’s ordinary performance, the famous baseball saying that never changes is more vividly expressed: “Baseball is a ballet without music, and a game without lines.” drama”. (Every moment of swinging is condensed by the efforts of seeking glory for the country) Walking out of the nostalgic time tunnel, we arrived at the “check-in interactive area” full of group portraits of the Chinese team staff, with the arrangement combined with clay and bases , like walking into the court to interact with the players. In addition to the players and coaches, of course, Qiaoxiaoqianxi’s cheerleading girls are indispensable to fully meet the different needs of the star chasing group present. (If you dream of connecting with players and cheerleaders on the court, welcome to come here for a preview first) (Two handsome guys surnamed Chen matched the scoreboard layout at the back, and they came to the first row of the court in an instant) After watching the small and beautiful exhibition Going forward in the future, the merchandise sales department at the last stop is not to be missed. Whether it is towels, clothes, or key rings, take the opportunity to buy a favorite product to show your support for the Chinese team. To commemorate the participation in the 2023 WBC, it is especially important for the exhibition The most direct support from the sponsor. (Jerseys and towels are definitely a must-have outfit for entering the field) (Minister of Defense’s tribute gesture and girl’s towel, do you want to buy it?) Because of interest, I was fortunate enough to visit “Playing Dreams-Taiwan Baseball Centennial Special Exhibition” along the way “, “Reversal Victory: Taiwan Baseball Special Exhibition”, “Butterfly Flying National Ball Spirit-Xu Shengming Memorial Special Exhibition”, “Taiwan Home Base KANO Spirit-Taiwan Baseball Spirit Theme Exhibition”, “Wang Zhenzhi Exhibition Glory の Track Special Exhibition” From the special exhibitions with various baseball themes to the larger-scale “Dream Beyond Limits-Baseball Heroes Exhibition” and “Chinese Professional Baseball 30th Anniversary Special Exhibition: Nobody Out”, it is inevitable to compare what you see. First of all, the name “WBC Chinese Team Heroes Special Exhibition” was used as the starting point, but on the initial publicity map, Wu Nianting and Lin Dai’an, who were wearing professional team jerseys and equipment, appeared quite abrupt. Nowadays, with the advanced photo editing technology, after the news of many players’ transfers is released, the official social media can immediately publish the photo cards wearing the new jerseys, but it is quite surprising that no similar method is adopted in the promotional photos. If it is limited by the copyright law or related contract regulations, it may be possible to replace it with other players’ outfitted photos. In addition to the consistent tonality on the screen, it can also better echo the theme. Continuing the same focus, the exhibits exhibited in the “Limited Exhibit Area” are planned with the Chinese team as the theme, and many ancient cultural relics are exhibited through coach Lin Jiaxiang, but there is a slight gap in the age of use, and it is also very different. It is difficult to see the logic of the arrangement according to the age of use, the difference between the competitions, or the nature of the exhibits. The most important thing is that the proportion of cultural relics that echo the theme of WBC is relatively low. When the audience visits, they can’t help but seem confused, which is a pity. (In fact, in the photos on the publicity map, only Song Jiahao is actually wearing the WBC jersey) (Thanks to Coach Lin Jiaxiang for lending the precious cultural relics, which have also become a medium connecting the past and the present) The next part I want to mention is the curation way of conveying ideas. In many exhibitions, regular and fixed-point manual guides will be adopted, and in order to save manpower, some exhibitions will rent out guide machines to provide audiences with an understanding of the curator’s focus on each exhibit. If there are difficulties in implementing the above two, We can only return to the tradition and explain the purpose of each exhibit in the form of word cards. In the “WBC Chinese Team Heroes Special Exhibition”, due to the lack of guides, we can only rely on the description of the word cards to deduce the curator’s ideas for the arrangement of the exhibits . Although there are many precedents of this kind in the many baseball-themed special exhibitions visited before, in order to help the audience quickly integrate and meet the different levels of understanding of the exhibits by various audiences, most of them write names, symbolic meanings or exhibitions next to photos and cultural relics. Reason. However, in the “Historical Review Area” of the “WBC Chinese Team Heroes Special Exhibition”, the text descriptions are concentrated in one corner, so that the audience needs to compare them back and forth. The chronology of the Chinese team on the side chooses to sort out the important events of the Chinese team, but chooses the “2008 Olympic Baseball Final Qualification Ranking Tournament” for introduction, but does not list the “2003 Sapporo Asian Baseball Championship”, which also strives for Olympic qualification. “, if it is a competition hosted by Taiwan, but the “2001 World Cup Baseball Game” is not listed, if there is no explanation, it is really impossible to grasp the criteria for the selection of curators, and it is impossible to understand that in the exhibition center with WBC as the main axis Above, the reason for the sudden inclusion of the Olympic Games. The word cards in the “Limited Exhibits Area” only write the simplest exhibit names, and the rest of the year of use and the description of the exhibits are absent. It really makes people feel that they don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain.​​​​ (If the introduction can be focused on the theme, supplemented by a brief explanation, I believe it can win the hearts of the audience) The last point is that the small details are not rigorous enough, such as the fact that the bat exhibits are placed skewed. Said that in the original design of the showcase, he did not notice that the bat might roll due to the audience accidentally bumping into the showcase, and also said that the staff present were not too responsible for the basic tasks of patrolling the exhibits; “Video Playing Area” The video may be limited by copyright and can only be played with the original sound, but in the absence of subtitles, it can only be watched and chatted; most of the coaches and players in the “check-in interactive area” wear the WBC match. However, due to the late return time or contract restrictions, the numbers of the jerseys worn by some overseas players may not match, and even other brand logos may be exposed, so it can be judged that they are wearing jerseys for other competitions; As for the time of this exhibition, whether it is March 20 or March 27, there are actually contradictory pictures. Although these small details are flawless, they still have an impact on the audience’s user experience. (The rolling bat is pressing down on the word card, which should not be a mistake in a general exhibition) (The king stands clearly wearing other brand jerseys) After years of competitions, we have seen the originally criticized logistics The team has gradually become the strongest backing of the Chinese team. Although the final focus of the game is still the players themselves, no one can deny the importance of the logistics team. After the theme of baseball entered the exhibition hall, although the success of the exhibition largely depends on the setting orientation of the theme, the richness of the exhibits and the promotion of marketing channels, many unconstrained concepts often rely on the input of professional curators. It will become a reality, and I look forward to the sports exhibition in the future, which will become the best channel for shaping the image of players, responding to the upsurge of competitions, establishing a positive brand reputation, and marketing products! 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