Sports Story blocks access to the “Secret Dev Room” in its latest update (version 1.0.4).

Image: Sidebar Games

Sports Story wasn’t in the best condition upon release, but fortunately, several updates have been released since. We have reached the current version 1.0.4 and it contains general fixes and improvements but also some other interesting changes.

Access to the “Secret Development Room” is now blocked. If you haven’t seen it yet, a section of the game where you can go to a hidden area and talk to “video game developers” about their development environment. Here are the full patch notes for Sports Story version 1.0.4.

Sports Story – Version 1.0.4 (January 29, 2023)


Access to the secret lab has been blocked.


  • When the squid boss disappears, reload the game and return to the platform.
  • Wildlands Buddy Medal Jobs display correctly when medals are collected over multiple rounds.
  • Fixed some trades that need some money to work.


  • Various fixes to places/events where players can get stuck.
  • The Clubs screen correctly displays 5 or more clubs.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes lock the player after throwing a golf ball.
  • The 30% coupon now works correctly.
  • Catching fish with sticky hands is no longer a problem.
  • Fixed swing bar when using PureStrike Green forest.

Sports Story had a surprise release last December and we didn’t mind, but it wasn’t “top notch” after such a long wait. Here is a brief snippet from the review.

“If you liked the original, you’ll find that Sports Story is an entertaining enough sequel. But it’s undeniable that after years of waiting, it feels quite disappointing. Assuming Sidebar can sort out the technical worst, it’s a problem. If not, I’d lightly recommend a sports story to anyone looking for a whimsical take on a sports RPG, but this game doesn’t deserve to be at the top of the list.”

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