[Spot material]Stir-fried 5,000 is still a good sell! HUAWEI Mate X3 rushes from China to Hong Kong

Although it can only be equipped with 4G chipsets due to the U.S. ban, the sales of Huawei’s internal folding screen mobile phone Mate X3, which was launched earlier in China, are very hot. The reaction was still hotter than expected.

As of the time of writing, you can find HUAWEI Mate X3 National Bank mobile phones with different storage configurations on the market. The standard configuration of 12+256 is listed at a price of $19,800, while the first batch of 12+512 and Collector’s Edition 12+1TB are quoted at $21,800 and $23,800, respectively. Compared with the price of 12,999 yuan (equivalent to approximately HK$14,839), 13,999 yuan (equivalent to approximately HK$15,980) and 15,999 yuan (equivalent to approximately HK$18,268) at the Bank of China, the price difference is more than 5,000 Hong Kong dollars.

According to information from Xianda Market, the reason for the high price of the first batch of goods is that the supply of Mate X3 in China is seriously in short supply, resulting in thousands of Hong Kong dollars in the seller’s quotation when the goods are returned locally; therefore, the quotation is inevitably higher than expected . However, according to market feedback, the sales of the first batch of Mate X3 National Bank in Hong Kong are still better than expected. Surprisingly, the five-color models (Morning Gold, Qingshan Dai, Feather White, Feather Black, and Feather Purple) are not short of buyers. It seems that this time Huawei’s multi-color route works well.

The Mate X3 folding screen mobile phone equipped with its own XMAGE imaging technology has a very light body of 239g, which is quite rare for mobile phones of the same level (the feather sand version weighs 241g, and the collection version weighs 242.5g), and the main screen adopts 120Hz refresh rate 1,440Hz PWM high frequency tuning It has a 7.85-inch OLED screen, a 50-megapixel OIS three-mirror, a maximum 5,060mAh battery (4,800mAh for the non-collector’s version), and supports 66W wired and 50W wireless flash charging.