Stormy Daniels thanks Snarkily after Donald Trump insulted her appearance.

Former President Donald Trump personally opened fire on former Stormy Daniels on Monday, which could have backfired badly, following the porn star’s reaction to a post he made on Tuesday.

One day Manhattan grand jury is said to have begun Hearing on allegations of silenced funding He paid her back in 2006. Trump felt compelled to discuss what he called “a storm of nonsense” on the Truth social platform.

Trump previously declared in all caps that he had “never cheated on him”, referred to Daniels as “horse face”, and this time acknowledged the affair but blamed the scandal surrounding former attorney Michael Cohen. Not identified by name.

β€œAs for the ‘Stormy’ nonsense, it happened very, very long ago and is well past the deadline of the very publicly known and approved statute of limitations. I have relied entirely on the judgment and advice of Congress, where I have every reason to believe that I am licensed to practice law and can adequately provide competent and solid legal services. He comes from a good law firm and has represented other clients over the years and there was no reason not to rely on him.”

Despite the post’s corny tone, Daniels is appreciated for a very specific reason. In a very mean thank you tweet, she noted:

But Snark didn’t stop there.

Others joined the derision, including Constitutional Attorney Mark S. Zaid, who agreed with Daniels that Trump’s position was critical.

Daniels’ fellow porn star Joanna Angel responded to the post by interpreting what the former president was actually saying.

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