Taloja prison giving computer access to Surendra Gadling and Arun Ferreira

MUMBAI: A special court appointed under the National Investigation Agency (NIA) Act complies with an order issued last year to provide computer access to defendants lawyers in the Bhima-Koregaon case, Surendra Gadling and Arun Ferreira, as NIA provides electronic evidence to Taloja Prison instructed the authorities. to them on the hard disk.

The court also directed prison authorities to provide the necessary software on computers to access NIA-provided documents. The duo complained that their computers lacked the software necessary to view their files, and that they were not complying with last year’s order.

Orders delivered on Friday became available on Monday. It was noted that the predecessor had already issued two orders in March of last year to allow the viewing of the documents in consideration of the electronic evidence provided by the prosecution.

Special Judge Rajesh J Katariya, despite orders from his predecessor, said the prison authorities denied access to the accused on two occasions, from May 24 to June 9 last year and from July 12 until he filed a petition, the defendants submitted. said in one order.

Ms. Ferreira noted that she submitted a written application to the prison administration to install appropriate software to view digital evidence in certain file types provided by the Forensic Science Lab.

The prison staff responded and said last year’s order allowed both men to enter twice a week. In the order, Judge Katariya said prison authorities must comply with the order. He also stated that it was not an argument from either the NIS or the detention center that he had misused computer usage rights and then issued instructions to comply and provide the necessary software.

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