Telangana CM KCR skips R-Day event amid quarrel with governor

Telangana’s Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, did not attend the Republic Day celebrations at Raj Bhavan, where Tamilisai Governor Soundararajan unfurled the flag.

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This comes after a superior court ordered state executives to plan Republic Day activities, including parades, in accordance with rules established by the federal government. The court also requested that the public be allowed to view the celebration. However, it gave the state government the power to choose a location.

A dispute over the state’s informing Gov. Tamilisai Soundararajan that the Republic Day celebrations will be held in Raj Bhavan has sparked a High Court ruling. At a ceremony there, she was asked to raise her flag.

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The state initially decided not to hold the annual procession for two years, citing Covid. The administration has ordered the curtailment of programs held in Raj Bhavan.

Despite the relaxation of anti-Covid rules, the governor would have been banned for the second consecutive year from not attending the State Police’s ceremonial parade at Secunderabad’s parade ground and receiving an honor guard.

The Telangana government honored MM Keeravaani and lyricist Chandrabose on Republic Day for their contribution to the country’s success.

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