That’s how Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset works.

The long-awaited mixed reality headset from Apple Inc. and a device that costs about $3,000 is called the Reality Pro and will be released later this year. It is believed to be taking a new approach to virtual meetings and immersive video, with the goal of disrupting the VR industry currently dominated by Meta Platforms Inc.

It’s a high-risk gamble for Apple, entering its first major new product category since its smartwatch launch in 2015, and it should impress customers.

The headset has multiple external cameras that can analyze the user’s hands, and sensors within the device’s housing that can read the user’s eyes. This allows the wearer to view items on the screen and control the device. The user can then pinch their thumb and index finger together to activate the action without having to hold anything.

Apple devices incorporate both virtual and augmented reality. Users view images and content inside goggles when using VR. AR, on the other hand, superimposes digital content on the real world.

Apple will provide users with prescription glasses with custom lenses that mount into the enclosure itself.

The device features a Digital Crown similar to the Apple Watch, allowing users to switch between VR and AR. When AR is activated, the content fades and surrounds the user’s real environment. Apple expects this to be a product highlight.

Reports suggest some features may be canceled or changed given that the headset is months away from launch.


Q1. What is an Apple Mixed Reality Headset?
The Apple VR/AR Mixed Reality headset is expected to perform similarly to a standard VR headset, but has multiple external cameras and sensors that unlock additional features.

Q2. How much does Apple’s VR headset cost?
The first mixed reality device cost about $3,000.

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