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The 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival will start on 4/20 (Thursday)! The event will last until 6/29 (Thursday). During this period, there will be activities every Monday and Thursday, including Disney-themed drone shows, firework shows, entertainers and wonderful singing performances by local bands. All exciting. This article will let you know what fun places, activities, etc. there are in the 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival. Please read on!

▲ Picture 1: The theme of the 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival/From the Tourism Office of Penghu County Government

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2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival – Disney’s Centennial Celebration “A Hundred Years of Magic. Wonderful Eternity”

During the Penghu Fireworks Festival, Disney’s Centennial Celebration will be displayed. The theme of this drone show will echo the theme of Disney’s Centennial Celebration, “One Hundred Years of Fantasy. Wonderful Eternity”, hoping to attract more tourists to Penghu to participate in the grand event. There will be 21 fireworks shows on the main island of Penghu, and there will be 3 shows on the surrounding small islands.

Activity Information

Event date: 2023 / 04 / 20 ~ 2023 / 06 / 29 Every Monday and Thursday Event location: Penghu Magong Guanyin Pavilion Singing guests: Lu Siwei, Xiao Bingzhi, Bo Lin, Cao Yawen, Wei Jiaying, Xie Jinjing, Chen Xinyue, Yi Tangli . Residents Dance Association… and other fireworks display: April: 4/20 (Thursday), 4/24 (Monday), 4/27 (Thursday) May: 5/01 (Monday), 5/04 (Thursday), 5/ 08(Mon), 5/11(Thu), 5/15(Mon), 5/18(Thu), 5/22(Mon), 5/25(Thu), 5/29(Mon) June: 6 /01 (Thursday), 6/05 (Monday), 6/08 (Thursday), 6/12 (Monday), 6/15 (Thursday), 6/19 (Monday), 6/22 (Thursday), 6/ 26 (Mon), 6/29 (Thu) limited to outlying islands, 5/12 (Fri) Jibe Island, 5/24 (Wed) Chimei Island, 6/10 (Sat) Wangan Island Official information:

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If you already plan to visit Penghu in advance, you can consider these popular attractions or experiences!

▲ Picture 2: 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival event time points / from the Tourism Office of Penghu County Government

Get your cameras ready to capture the fireworks and drone action! The editor has written a tutorial on shooting fireworks before. If you are interested, you may wish to take a look.

2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival – Watch Fireworks from the Sea

The Penghu Fireworks Festival has always been a festival with a lot of people, and the scene must be crowded with people. It is not easy to take pictures of beautiful fireworks, unless you really have to get to the scene very early. The editor provides you with a plan that can overlook the fireworks without crowding people, that is to watch the fireworks at sea.

The experience of watching fireworks at sea is very good, not to mention the visual field, which beats everyone every year. The number of boats is limited, so don’t be afraid of crowding.There is a disadvantage of taking pictures on the boat. The boat will shake, and the photos taken will be easily blurred. It is recommended that you canby videoTo commemorate the bright fireworks!

Due to the limited space, please make a reservation as soon as possible! As I write this, it has been sold out for weeks.

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2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival – Best viewing spots

The location of the Penghu Fireworks Festival is Xiying Hongqiao. The nearest locations are as follows:

Guanyinting Water Recreation Area: This location is the best, not only can you see the complete fireworks, but also the meeting point for water activities in the first-level hot area of ​​this event: the location here is also very good, there is a large beach area, which can occupy This corner is also good Penghu Pet Park: The embankment next to the park is located a little bit farther away from Penghu Guanyin Pavilion: This is the main venue of the event, and the location is very good, but the disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time to end the show. Penghu Youth Activity Center of the National Salvation Corps: In conjunction with the Fireworks Festival, the hotel provides Fireworks seats, but there are not many seats, you need to call to make an appointment from 4/20 (Thursday), 400 yuan per person for non-residents, call here

Fireworks shows often gather a lot of people, and the party starts at 19:30 every Monday and Thursday. If you are a friend who is here for the first time, you must arrive earlier and get a seat quickly.

▲ Picture 3: The best viewing spots for the 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival

The home venue of the event is Guanyin Pavilion in Penghu, which will be a pedestrian walking area at that time, and the control time is from 18:00 to 22:00. Friends who come by motorcycle or drive can refer to the traffic control and relief diagram below.

▲ Picture 4: Traffic Control / From the Tourism Office of Penghu County Government

2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival – Outdoor Film

In addition to fireworks, this outdoor cinema is also very interesting. Except for the first “Black Panther”, almost all of them are animations produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios (Walt Disney Animation Studios), which is very suitable for taking the children at home together.

Activity Information

Venue: Penghu Magong Guanyin Pavilion Movie Shows: 4/27 (Thursday): “Black Panther” Black Panther, 18:40~20:55 5/11 (Thursday): “Animal Formula” Zootopia, 19:15~20 :55 5/18 (Thursday): “Big Heroes” Big Hero 6, 19:20~20:55 5/25 (Thursday): “Frozen 2″ Frozen II, 19:20~20:55 5 /29 (Mon): Toy Story, 19:35~20:55 6/05 (Mon): Moana, 19:15~20:55 6/12 (Mon): Brain Sharp Turn” Inside Out, 19:25~20:55

▲ Picture 5: Number of outdoor movie shows / from the Tourism Office of Penghu County Government

2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival – Stamp Collecting and Lottery

There are a total of 14 stamps that can be collected. After the collection is full, you canOpportunity to redeem 100 yuan discount coupon and lottery coupon, the lottery ticket prizes include South China Sea ferry ticket, Mabu bag ferry ticket, hotel accommodation coupon, Taiwan travel coupon…etc. 16 items, a total of 2,320 copies! Prizes are limited, while stocks last.

Activity Information

Redemption location: Service desk of Penghu Marine Geopark Center Redemption gift: Exchange 100 yuan discount coupon + lottery ticket chance (stamps must be collected) Stamp location: 2 types of fruit leaf ash kiln tourist information station 2 types of gantry closed positions in the center of Penghu Ocean Geopark Tourist Information Station 2 Types Penghu Airport Tourist Service Center Type 2 Pier3 Beast Country Counter on the 3rd Floor of Port No. 3 Type 1 Magong Duxing Shicun Yanju Bookstore Island Reading Library Type 2 Family Mart Guangfu Store Type 1 Guanyin Pavilion Park Fireworks Festival Service Counter Type 2

2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival – Limited Merchandise

This Penghu Fireworks Festival is quite special. The official launch of Disney limited merchandise, the merchandise will be on sale at the event site on 4/20 (Thursday)! This time the products include hats, clothes, towels, side bags, mugs, key rings, umbrellas and dolls… etc. The price is still affordable, I think it’s great!

▲ Picture 6: Fireworks Festival-limited product Mickey Mouse puppet / From the Facebook fan page of Penghu International Sea Fireworks Festival

▲ Picture 7: Limited T-shirt / From the Facebook fan page of Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival

▲ Picture 8: Disney’s 100th Anniversary Limited Mug / From the Facebook fan page of Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival

▲ Picture 9: Disney-themed umbrellas / From the Facebook page of Penghu International Maritime Fireworks Festival


The above is the event information of the 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival! The activity time is from 4/20 (Thursday) to 6/29 (Thursday), and there will be activities every Monday and Thursday. As the most grand firework event in spring and summer in the country, this time we also cooperate with Disney to celebrate Disney’s centenary and will bring wonderful performances on the drone show.

The Penghu Fireworks Festival has been held for 20 years. If you want to celebrate together during this time, you can refer to the travel plan in the article, which will give you a more interesting experience during that time. Space is limited, buy fast!

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