The city’s AQI is still bad at 273. Mercury at 18.4°C

Mumbai Pollution Update: The city’s AQI is still bad at 273. Mercury at 18.4°C | FPJ

Air quality in Mumbai showed some improvement after more than a week of ‘very poor’ AQI.

As of Wednesday morning, Mumbai’s AQI is ‘bad’ at 273.

Meanwhile, pollutant PM 2.5 and PM 10 concentrations were 273 and 144, respectively.

An air quality index of 0 to 100 is considered good, 100 to 200 is moderate, 200 to 300 is bad, 300 to 400 is very bad, and 400 to 500 and above is considered severe.

Experts analyze that low temperatures, weak winds, dust pollution from construction, and city traffic jams are the causes.

Mumbai weather

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said in its daily forecast for the city and surrounding areas today that the city and suburbs will see mostly clear skies. The minimum and maximum temperatures are most likely around 28 °C and 15 °C, respectively.

The current temperature in the city is 18.4°C.

AQI for different locations in Mumbai

Colaba: 262 AQI Poor

Mazgaon: 193 AQI Bad

Wally: 102 AQI Moderate

Chamber: 322 AQI Very Poor

Bhandup: 201 Poor AQI

Navi Mumbai: 333 AQI Very Poor

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