The cost of the simple house is 26.8 billion, and the cost is reduced by 900 million. Members receive the goods and change them to apply for funds twice.

[Mingpao News]The “Policy Address” proposed to build 30,000 units of “simple public housing” in 5 years. The Housing Bureau said last year that the design and construction cost was about 26.8 billion yuan, and the infrastructure project cost was about 600 million yuan. Members questioned that the cost was too high . Housing Secretary Ho Wing-yin said last week that the cost of simple public housing can be reduced. This newspaper learned that the design and construction costs will be reduced by about 800 million yuan, and the infrastructure construction costs will be reduced by about 100 million yuan. The overall expenditure is expected to be reduced by more than 900 million yuan. If calculated by project unit, the cost per unit of simple public housing with fewer floors is expected to be reduced from about 550,000 to about 530,000 yuan, and that of more floors will be reduced from about 680,000 to about 650,000 yuan, which is equivalent to last year’s public housing. Housing unit construction cost. The Housing Bureau will explain the details tomorrow as soon as possible, and apply for funding to the Public Works Group of the Legislative Council on the 8th of next month. Some members of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong expressed their support for appropriation, while the G19 has a consensus that it will support it if the government clearly accounts for it.

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