The District said that Chen Zhiquan was a member of the then councilor who fought against pornography without incentives

As for whether more radical candidates will get more support? Au Nuoxuan said that it depends on the political position of the candidate, and the above situation was indeed true in terms of the “political division” at the time, especially “amateurs”. The defense pointed out that the district once wrote an article on the coordination of the democrats, saying that the then councilors had “incumbent advantages”, allowing voters to refer to their past political platforms and track records to vote. The district confirmed and said that Chen Zhiquan had his advantages in serving as a councilor at that time, which can be described as “fighting yellow with no incentives”.

It is unheard of that Chen Ming said that if he wins the election, he will veto financial bills indiscriminately

The defense later pointed out to Au that Chen Zhiquan would consider the bill before voting in the Legislative Council; the prosecution believed that the statement was too general. Judge Chen Qingwei then changed the question, saying that given the relationship between the District and Chen as fellow members of the Legislative Council, does the District think that the conscientious Chen will carefully examine the motion documents before voting? District agrees. Was asked if he had ever heard Chen Mingyan say that once he wins the general election in 2020, he would veto the budget indiscriminately? The district said, “I have never heard of it.” When the defense asked again, would Chen definitely vote in favor of any policy proposed by the government related to the implementation of universal suffrage, same-sex marriage, etc.? Judge Li Yunteng interrupted that it was only speculation.

Chen Zhiquan’s side completed the cross-examination yesterday, and representatives of the other defendants will cross-examine Au Nuoxuan next Monday.

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