The firefighter recruitment drive has so far injured nearly 100 people.

According to a report by the Hindustan Times, nearly 100 people were seriously injured due to the poor safety net provided by the Mumbai Fire Brigade during the recruiting process.

The fire brigade needs to fill 1,200 positions. There are currently 910 jobs open in Mumbai, with around 20,000 men applying so far.

When asked about the poor quality of the safety nets, Mumbai Fire Chief Sanjay Manjrekar said that if a thousand people jumped over them every day, they would be torn apart. He added that only those who were scared or jumped incorrectly were injured.

Substandard quality of training equipment

Fitness includes running 800m in 3 minutes, doing 20 pull-ups, and jumping from a height of 19 feet, almost two stories high.

Candidates are asked to jump from a height of 19 feet, while a group of firefighters below hold a large canvas sheet as a safety net. However, the canvas is of poor quality and continues to yield. This has resulted in several crash landings with serious consequences.

Ankushdada Kurade of the Swabhimani Bhartiya Panther trade union, which has been closely monitoring the driving, claims about 100 men suffered fractures.

Kurade insisted that using canvas as a safety net is outdated technology and that BMC should use an inflatable cushion or air jump seat.

The application period is until February 11th.

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