The government has issued an alert. Be careful if you have a Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones: Millions of users use Samsung smartphones every day. A flaw in a Samsung phone that has been issued a warning by the government has been revealed.

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samsung galaxy smartphone It has been dominating the phone sector for quite some time. You don’t know how many people have to work every day. samsung mobile Rely on your phone because now your cell phone is no longer just used to make calls and send messages. Smartphones are now used for banking transactions, online meetings, photos and other personal information.

To keep users’ data safe, the company continues to distribute security updates for users from time to time. Not only that, Samsung advises users to only run the latest version of their apps to ensure they are safe and get a great experience. A critical flaw was recently discovered in the Samsung Galaxy Store app, and after the flaw came to the fore, the Indian government issued a warning to Samsung Galaxy smartphone users.

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India’s Computer Emergency Response Team CERT-In, under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, said it had discovered a flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy Store app. This flaw allows a local attacker to install dangerous apps on the phone or steal arbitrary code from the target phone.

These people need to wake up Users running versions earlier than of the Samsung Galaxy Store App have found to be cautious.

Samsung Mobile users should do this immediately.

If you, too, want to avoid becoming a victim of any kind of scam, there is only one way to do that. You should immediately install the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Store app.

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