The government intends to “internal review” the epidemic-contained materials and the survivors of the residential care homes reject the “ridiculous” independent investigation. An old industry calls for “face the past”

[Legit News 247News]The new crown epidemic has killed more than 13,000 Hong Kong people. Chief Executive Lee Ka-chao recently stated that he does not agree to an independent investigation into the fight against the epidemic. According to this newspaper, the government tends to review the experience of different areas during the epidemic through internal reviews, including material supply, labor The Welfare Bureau will also take the lead in reviewing the handling of outbreaks in residential institutions and summarizing experience, hoping to make the measures regular and incorporate them into systems and policies. However, some survivors of the infected deceased criticized the Chief Executive for refusing an independent investigation as absurd, saying that a responsible government should explain to the deceased and the survivors and promote a “fair, open, and impartial” review. The elderly care industry was also surprised, emphasizing that the independent investigation is to improve the mechanism and strengthen the ability to fight the epidemic, and called on the government to “have the courage to face the past.”

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