The Internet is soaring after Ana de Armas’ Oscar nomination.

Ana de Armas It has been nominated for the 2023 Academy Awards, but the news is being scrutinized.

On Monday, January 23rd, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released the official list of Oscar nominees, and the Internet is arming itself. made list, especially who Did not do it.

Some are celebrating the actress’ achievements with her performance. Marilyn Monroe in blond hair, Not only that, but being the only Latino in the group, others have a lot to say about the potential nominee left off this year’s list.

Among the most mentioned and notable overlooks are viola davis in woman king, mia goth in PearlAnd Daniel Deadwiler in Till.

Strong comments about the snub poured in, with several Twitter users questioning how the aforementioned talent could have been skipped.

“Soooo ana de armas is nominated for an Oscar, but not Viola Davis!!! and Mia Gos?! I’m speechless.” One angry Twitter user wrote, “So Ana de Armas was nominated but not Mia Goth…? That’s awful.” And a third echoed, “The academy really chose ana de armas over viola davis.”

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