The iPhone 14 Pro Max loses the fastest download speed crown.

When the iPhone 14 Pro Max was released last fall, it topped several studies with the fastest download speeds, beating rivals like Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphone. As a result, in the latest report, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has lost the download speed crown to not one but two Android devices.

Ookla has released its latest mobile performance report comparing major carriers in the US in terms of download and upload speeds, consistency, availability and more.

Another interesting comparison of tests is looking at how the most popular smartphones in the US stacked up for download/upload speed and latency in Q4.

While the iPhone 14 Pro Max took the speed crown in Q3 with an average download speed of 147 Mbps and upload speed of 17 Mbps, the situation is reversed in a new study by Ookla.

America’s fastest smartphone by download speed

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 took first place with an average download speed of 147.24 Mbps, while the Google Pixel 7 Pro came in second with 137.11 Mbps.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max came in third with 133.84 Mbps and the 14 Pro with 130.14 Mbps. Upload speed and latency were both very similar, but the Pixel 7 Pro recorded 15.53Mbps and 50ms latency when uploading.

Another interesting result is that Samsung smartphones lead overall with about 7 Mbps in the fastest median download speed compared to all iPhones.

iPhone 14 Pro Max loses download speed crown 2

Takes from 9to5Mac

The interesting part about the iPhone 14 Pro Max losing the crown for fastest download speed is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 wins with the same performance we saw with the Q3 14 Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s median download speed eventually dropped from 147 Mbps to 133 Mbps, leaving the Fold4 and Pixel 7 Pro in first and second place.

We’ve seen the iPhone 14 Pro Max perform as fast as these two Android smartphones, so between Q3 and Q4, more 14 Pro Max smartphones will serve customers in more geographies with slower carrier coverage. It’s possible you got your hands on it.

In other words, the percentage of iPhone 14 Pro Max users at launch may have been higher in metro areas, which could skew higher download speeds in Q3 before lowering in Q4.

In any case, the top smartphones between Apple, Samsung and Google are all delivering strong download speeds with moderate performance between 125 and 147 Mbps in Ookla’s tests.


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