The legendary player Winamp will land on Android in a form you didn’t expect – Computer King Ada

There are few brands in software that have a rich and long history like Winamp. More experienced computer users should be impressed by its “versatile” in multimedia. format, you can also perform a lot of custom plug-ins. Now, the software is coming to Android, but it’s not what you might expect.

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The legendary player Winamp will land on Android in a form you didn’t expect

Winamp was first launched in 1997, with a simple interface but a high degree of customization flexibility, it was definitely one of the best music player software at that time. It supports a variety of audio formats, and provides a wealth of skins that can be selected and visualized tools. There are also many third-party plug-ins that can add additional custom functions or add more file formats. In response to the deduction of the times, although it is now coming to Android, it is not the form you expect.

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According to Business Wire, Winamp is now owned by a company called the Llama Group, which has announced a major expansion. The whole expansion will start with a brand new online player, which is honestly nothing like the original Winamp. In the third season, it will be further expanded to iOS and Android mobile applications, following in the footsteps of the redesigned Winamp as a whole.

The new Winamp will operate more similarly to Spotify and Apple Music, but with a different style. Instead of subscribing to the service to access the entire music library, you can subscribe individually to the artists you support and actually give the sponsorship for a fee. Overall it’s a lot like a hybrid of Patreon and Spotify, except it has very little to do with the Winamp we know and love. The music library is currently modest, and the only artists available are a collection of independent North American, European, and Vietnamese bands and singers, all of whom are locked behind a $1-a-month paywall. That might be fine if you like indie music, but there’s nothing else in the mainstream here yet.

Finally, you can also play music downloaded natively and connect to other music streaming services, which might make it less awkward. After Winamp actually signed up and logged in as a member, the app itself didn’t feel like a finished product, even though Winamp didn’t list it as a beta release. Creators will be able to send NFTs through the platform, although this is an add-on, not a main function.

Tech-savvy folks might remember that Winamp used to have an Android version a few years ago, but it’s been taken down amidst Winamp’s many recent shifts in focus, but now, the overall development path is really a bit of a bizarre twist .