The Mac Catalyst framework supports native WhatsApp software.

Thanks to Apple’s Mac Catalyst framework, the new WhatsApp software may be released in a native version.

The messaging platform appears to be working on bringing apps to the Mac via the Catalyst app. Currently, the meta-owned app has a web-based version that users can download for macOS Big Sur from the official WhatsApp website. However, it lacks certain features like a spell checker and drag and drop. WhatsApp will now build its apps within the Catalyst framework to be more power efficient.

Apple released the Catalyst framework as a way for developers to create Mac apps that have the same aspects as iPad apps. iPad-specific features are automatically ported as macOS features if compatible.

Meta hasn’t released a WhatsApp app for the iPad, and it’s unclear if the company plans to do so anytime soon. The Mac version doesn’t have a specific release date yet.

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