The meaning of Titans Weekly Week2 ALL BLUE is to brush the list

It’s the Titans’ weekly report once a week again. I must admit that after writing last week’s weekly report, I can’t bear to gamble in the two games. It’s so difficult that the good state at the beginning of the season is just a flash in the pan. A familiar feeling arises spontaneously. Give you hope and let you despair, isn’t this Fubon? So I wrote the familiar routine game Bang? This title, and the next five games were severely slapped in the face again. Could it be that I also The ability of the national teacher? Too much nonsense, let’s quickly look at the performance and problems of Fubon on 4/7~4/19. OPS+122.2 (No. 1 in the league), ERA+118.6 (No. 1 in the league, the only one in the league above average), OPS+90.2 (No. 1 in the league), and the hitters list is blue. You must not imagine that All Blue means to put The meaning of the names on the list painted in blue is indeed beyond my imagination. In terms of record, the 5-5-1 league is third, 0.5 games away from the first but only 0.5 games away from the bottom. In addition to the abnormal schedule of the league, the Titans and the Taoyuan only played five games in the first ten games, and the Titans It is related to being good at small losses and big wins. Judging from the 7 games this week, 0:3, 1:2, 9:1, 6:5, 3:9, 9:0, 9:2, except for one game where a violent ape Except for the bloodbath, in fact, the points lost are not many, but as long as you win, you will get big points. This means that Fubon’s headwinds are no longer soft this season, but the tailwinds are still strong. Let’s talk about pitching results this week first. I just mentioned that Fubon’s ERA+118.6 is currently the only one in the league that exceeds 100. ERA2.851 is really exaggerated, but in fact, our 43 points conceded is not the same as Weiquan tied for second place, and the gap between self-blame and lost points is 11 points, which is the largest in the league. This means that the current Fubon has a serious problem of losing points after making mistakes. Injuries caused by turnovers are really an old problem in Fubon, but the problem is that Fubon has a lot of turnovers. In the past few years, it was the team with the second-lowest number of turnovers in the league. Now the season has started for two weeks. The number of turnovers is the second most in the league with 13 times. Basically, if there is a turnover, there will be a state of losing points. Now the line is in good condition and the defense is still covered, but this situation allows us to continue to pay attention. I don’t think I need to say much about the performance of Kent and Eppler. As I said, Kent has the capital to become the ace of foreign throwing. Can suppress Taiwanese hitters, of course I feel like I have to ask about the surname of the sky… There are also. Then there is Eppler. Last week, the situation of throwing dragons was really not particularly good. The flat-flying hit rate was high, and the ball was hit solidly. Nearly 50% of the balls were hit in the field. This is a problem worth worrying about. . Image source: The Fubon Titans baseball team is coming again. I want to talk about Chen Shipeng’s problem. I want to talk about it in two points. The first is that Chen Shipeng was originally a slow-heating type, and he was transferred to the bullpen after the first game last year In the current situation, four points in the first few games before the opening of the previous three years is basically a normal situation. The second is the problem of her match with Ade. The match between Chen Shipeng and Zhang Jinde has never been a good match. The hot match with Ade is even more popular. Yueyue is currently in this situation, but now Fubon feels that he only dares to use Ade. The situation of Yueyue can continue to be observed. Photo source: Fubon Titans baseball team Another thing to mention is Lai Zhiyuan. The bullpen is not a big problem for Fubon. The question that everyone is arguing about is whether Lai Zhiyuan uses too much, and there is even a game It was nine points ahead and came up to close the door. But when you actually watch Lai Zhiyuan’s games, he has boarded 9 times so far, and two of them are consecutive games. After 20 goals, he will not play the next day. In two consecutive days, he will add up to 30 goals. The game with a nine-point difference is also three days Let him go on the board to find his status without playing. After all, Lai Zhiyuan’s situation is really not good in terms of the victory group. I think the current frequency of playing is not up to it. It’s really exaggerated. If you don’t play the next day, you can rest for three days, because Kent originally expected to have 6 to 7 rounds. If there is a situation, I still have Xiaoou to dismantle the bomb, and the 89th round will be handed over to Zeng Junyue and Fu Lange. So do you think Fubon really fucks Lai Zhiyuan? I don’t think so. Look at Chen Guanyu of Lotte, that’s the real fuck. Then let’s talk about strikes. The first two games were safe, and the last two games broke out. OPS+113.3 also exceeded the league average. The series problem we talked about last week seems to be no longer a problem this week. The people I want to mention here must be our trailblazers, Liu Junhao and Wang Zhengtang. How exaggerated these two people are, the combined on-base percentage is 0.967. Basically, you have to let someone else In the case of going to base, let the three or four bats do the attacking. This is also one of the main reasons for the strongest two bats. Wang Zhengtang maintained the good form at the end of last year’s season. Her long play back and her defensive ability remind us of Wang Zhengtang who just entered professional baseball. However, whether Liu Junhao will continue to perform well is really worth watching. He has a very high swing The rate and the fact that he can fight is just an impression. His number of balls per game is 3.371, which is lower than the league average, and his strikeout rate after two strikeouts is 43.8%, which is also higher than the league average, which makes him very easy to be struck out. And BABIP 0.565 will definitely be revised down, which makes me doubt whether it is another flower in the epiphyllum? But the good news is that her long hitting ability is not only a little better than that of the second army last year. Photo source: The Fubon Titans baseball team is coming again. I want to mention Kong Nianen. I have been paying attention to his performance in the Second Army. Ball picking ability and long hitting ability are too outstanding. BB% above the league average is not common in the back-end bats, and her pure long hitting rate of .200 is only behind Gao Guohui and Shen Haowei, two cannons in our impression. , suddenly there is an extra spear in the outfield, I think Bang fans are also a little surprised, but compared to Liu Junhao and Song Jiaxiang, Kong Nianen is a bit inferior, but as long as he maintains his current state, he will definitely be the subject of discussion for the rookie king in the future. Image source: The Fubon Titans baseball team’s weekly report for this week is probably finished here. In fact, I have thought about whether to write out the views of each game or organize the status of each player, but I think this is different from other weekly reports. The similarities are too similar and it will become a long story, so I will maintain the current method and bring out the players I have seen particularly outstanding performance and I think the statistics are particularly different. However, there are indeed more players that I want to write about, such as Fan Guochen, the 4-4 power man after the low tide, Guohui, who has not been able to double-shot for a long time, and Jiang Shaoqing, who seems to be slightly revived, but in fact the WHIP is still too high.In short, thank you for watching the digression. The day before Liu Junhao took the photo with Cimei, I was the one who presented the award. The smile I took with me was completely different from the smile I took with Cimei. I was really hurt.