The new Android 12 version of NoxPlayer, the night god emulator, is coming soon

Yeshen Android Emulator will launch a high-performance emulator version equipped with Android (Android) 12 system globally in April this year. Not only for emulators, Android 12 is also an important upgrade for the Android system. Android 12 adopts a brand-new design language and adds some disruptive functions and technologies to meet users’ more detailed usage scenarios, such as native support for long screenshots, support for background loading of applications and game resources, and other functions. With the continuous improvement of mobile games’ requirements for the Android version, Android 12 will inevitably become a must for the future Android emulator. Of course, the addition of the above functions will undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for the adaptation of the emulator.

Since its launch in 2015, after years of research and development and polishing, the Yeshen Simulator has always been the best choice for mobile game players and developers due to its advantages of high efficiency, stability, and low resource usage. As a leading simulator brand in the industry, Yeshen Simulator has always been committed to leading the development of the entire simulator industry with technological innovation:

2016/Q2: China’s vertical market share is the first in the simulator industry 2017/Q3: Covering more than 100 countries around the world, achieving globalization 2018/Q3: The beta version of Android 7 is launched globally, the only product in the industry that supports 3 Android versions at the same time 2019/Q2 , the industry’s first 64-bit beta version of the emulator will be launched in 2021/Q2, the industry’s first Android 9 emulator will be launched, and 4 Android versions will be integrated with one click. In April 2023, the new high-compatibility version of Android 12 will be released soon

Regarding the release of the Android 12 version, the Yeshen emulator has been developed and debugged for a long time, combining many new features in Android 12, including Android Splitscreen, running multiple applications in multiple windows at the same time, and new security and privacy features And support the background loading of game resources, which will not affect the normal game of the player. In order to cope with these changes, the Yeshen Android emulator has fully upgraded the system kernel, reference components and support libraries, etc., so that it can respond to user needs more quickly and efficiently, and provide users with a better experience. Different from the Android 12 versions released by other emulator brands, the Yeshen Android 12 version not only has a significant improvement in performance, but also has targeted compatibility optimization, which is compatible with most games on the market. .

The release of the upgrade of the Yeghen Android emulator means that the Yeghen Android emulator has integrated the new Android 12 version into its own product ecosystem, becoming the first emulator to support 5 Android versions at the same time. Not only that, the Yeshen Simulator will also provide users with a more comfortable and complete experience in terms of multi-windows and privacy protection, and at the same time better present its features such as high efficiency, stability, and safety to meet users’ expectations . For more information about the upgrade and release of the Yeshen Android emulator, please stay tuned to the Yeshen official website tw.bignox.com and social media, and let us look forward to the official release of Android 12.

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