The pursuit of perfect monochrome fourth-generation monochrome camera Leica M11 Monochrom

More than ten years ago, Leica launched the M Monochrom, the only black and white camera at that time, and recently launched the new M11 Monochrom, which is the black and white version of last year’s M11 and the successor model of the previous generation M10 Monochrom. The asking price is close to HK$78,000 The M11 Monochrom is believed to be the favorite of those who pursue perfect black and white images.

It turned out that Leica launched the first M Monochrom camera with a built-in dedicated black and white sensor in 2012. It was also the only black and white camera in the world at that time. Eleven years later, in 2023, it was also three years after the launch of the previous generation M10 Monochrom After that, the brand new M11 Monochrom was launched, which shows that there is a market for black and white images.

The M11 Monochrom has a built-in 3× resolution full-frame black and white photosensitive element specially developed for the new generation of M-series cameras. It is specially designed for black and white photography, and the resolution is up to 60MP (36MP and 18MP are also available). Compared with the previous generation The 40MP is higher, plus it supports DNG and JPEG format files, and the new machine can shoot high-quality black and white images.

The ISO of the M11 Monochrom is 125-200,000, and the signal noise can be kept at a very low level even in high ISO conditions, so even in low-light environments, it can also take natural and clear photos; it also has built-in Bluetooth and USB-C Interface, easy to connect to the mobile phone and directly control the camera, upload and edit photos through the “Leica FOTOS” app.

The M11 Monochrom body is made of all-metal, the top cover is made of high-quality aluminum, and it is equipped with a sapphire glass display. The body has a black scratch-resistant coating and leather exterior, showing the characteristics of a classic M series camera. style, while the optical viewfinder uses a dark chrome-plated coating process. Like the previous generation, the red dot “Leica” logo is hidden on the machine surface, continuing to play a low-key style.

The “Made in Germany” M11 Monochrom has a built-in 256GB storage capacity and is priced at HK$77,500. It is available for sale today. I wonder if Fa Ge will buy it back for fun?