The ratings of “Model Taxi 2” dropped slightly, Li Dixun wisely broke the cult – 20230319 – Entertainment – Daily Ming Pao

Fiancee Tang Luowen refused to cooperate in the filming of the drama Ma Guoming was so sweet: she was shocked and couldn’t help laughing. She took a photo with the woman arrested in the case of Cai Tianfeng’s body dismemberment. Zhang Zhenlang: He is a friend of a friend who drives the tourism industry. Hey and vomit Chen Minzhi’s live broadcast brings satisfaction and dividends Xu Guanjie released the 40th anniversary version of the MV for “Yang Bauhinia”, and was accused of singing “Chasing” with old-fashioned black mouth and black faces. Jiang Tao: Don’t use this kind of topic to hurt others again. Sao Lin Junjie played and sang “Chasing” to a climax London’s Royal Albert Hall Hins Cheung cared about the lives of immigrants from Hong Kong At the age of 60, “John Wick 4” became a posthumous work, and Quirrell Reeves issued a statement to mourn “Jurassic” Senier’s Lymphoma Phase 3: I’m not afraid of death. “Model Taxi 2” ratings dropped slightly. Promoting “The Journey of Suzuya” Sighing on Seafood Meals Yuki Yamada’s new drama Survival in the Original World[Unboxing]”Shazam!” Wrath of the Gods Superhero’s End’; else if(linkNextContent==”) linkNextContent=” Next‘; } } $(‘#prevnext’).html(linkNextContent+linkPrevContent); });

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