There is no perfect shooting action in “Basketball Classroom”, only one that suits you, so let’s start with the basic action

At present, after training with players of different levels, I think that the most indispensable skill in basketball is shooting. Especially in Taiwan, the basketball defensive strategy is mostly zone defense. Once every player has a stable outside ability, it will make the overall defense The range is expanded, making the cutting space larger. The following is a summary of a few basic points in shooting training. Balanced footsteps (Balance Base) squat slightly and knees behind the toes, body leans forward slightly, heels will lift slightly when extending the ball upwards, and then extend the strength upwards to receive the ball (Shooting Pocket) When preparing to shoot The position of receiving the ball is close to the body. If the non-dominant hand can touch the elbow of the dominant hand after going around the body, it means that it is already in a good position. The coach in the video recommends putting the ball on the side. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the middle or on the side, as long as the player’s wrist and shoulder are comfortable. Shooting Point (Shooting Point) The shooting position is in front of the head, there will be a little bit of occlusion but the basket can still be seen, the most common is to place the ball above the top of the head, and the power of the feet will be lost. As a result, only the power of the upper body is used. The fluency of shooting is the most important part of shooting. We mainly start with the hips to transfer the power to the upper body. The speed of the ball from the receiving position to the shooting position must be very fast. smooth. Catch and Shot The hand should be slightly bent to prepare to catch the ball. If it is completely relaxed, the wrist will need to be adjusted in the air. It is easier to start the movement with both feet or sitting on the right. When catching the ball, step out and move The ball goes inward to the receiving position, and the back heel extends the ball to the release position to complete the release. Dribble Step In The video emphasizes that when the dribble is stepped on, the ball is inward to the ball receiving position, and the back heel extends the ball to the shooting position to complete the shot. The only difference is The previous actions will return to the key points described above. Refer to the training method in the video sharing video Method 1: Put the ball at the shooting position, step quickly with both feet, and extend the strength until the shooting is completed. Method 2: Give players different stimuli through the clapping of the coach, and quickly step up after responding to shorten the time on the ground. Method 3: Extend the ball outward to simulate the situation of catching the ball, quickly receive the ball to the receiving position, and then move forward with the foot and transfer the force upward. Method 4: One person passes the ball and one person catches the ball. The person receiving the ball takes easy steps or moves left and right on the spot, and shoots after receiving the ball passed by a teammate. Shooting is a very difficult skill to train. The reason why it is difficult is that there is no so-called perfect shooting action. Every player has a different situation. It takes a lot of time to train and adjust repeatedly in order to establish the most suitable for the player. And smooth shooting action.Learn more: Team EMPOWER Weekend Basketball Club for Teenagers (9~15 years old) EMPOWER RISE Weekend Basketball Club for Teenagers (over 16 years old) EMPOWER SPARK Community Basketball Club for Teenagers (Age Group Team) Further reading:[EMPOWER Coach Lecture – Charlie Parker]Catch and shoot training[EMPOWER Coach Lecture – Charlie Parker]Cutting motion shot[EMPOWER Coach Lecture – Charlie Parker]Sideline return shot