This newspaper inquired 12 private doctors, 1/3 willing to diagnose and treat clinics, saying that there is no medicine, fearing infection and refusing to treat the new crown. Lin Zhiyu: Or violated the rules


[Legit News 247News]With the lifting of the quarantine order in Hong Kong, patients with the new crown are free to go out to seek medical treatment. In order to reduce the pressure on the public medical system, the authorities call on those with mild symptoms to seek medical treatment from private doctors. Reporters from our newspaper yesterday inquired about 12 private clinics as family members of patients with COVID-19. Only 4 clinics were willing to diagnose and treat patients with COVID-19. They stated that they could not be diagnosed and treated for different reasons. For example, two clinics that applied for oral drugs for the new crown from the government claimed that they could not see a doctor because they ran out of drugs. Lin Zhiyu, chairman of the Hong Kong Patient Policy Connection, who is a member of the Medical Council, told this newspaper that if a doctor refuses to consult a new crown patient without a reasonable explanation, it may violate the professional code. In addition, the new crown patient may have other symptoms besides oral medicine Because of medical needs, failure to provide drugs is not considered a reasonable reason for refusal, and “refusal for fear of infecting other patients” is also unreasonable.


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