TikTok Hearing|Members Besieged Zhou Shouzi U.S. Netizens Outraged: Only for “Splashing Dirty Water” – Hong Kong 01


TikTok Hearing|Member Besieged by U.S. Netizens: Only for “splashing dirty water” Hong Kong 01 TikTok Hearing︱Member’s Performance Triggered U.S. Internet Public Outrage: Make Americans Look Stupid There are constraints – 20230324 – International Legit news 247News Network 5 hours of nonsensical torture who calmly accepted TikTok CEO Zhou who was funded?Hong Kong 01 TikTok finally appeals before death! Ali “supports Putin” and does not collapse China so “shaking” TikTok CEO came to the hearing and was tortured and threatened national security! US Congressman bombarded “Your platform should be banned”|Anchor Lu Beijun|【Big World News 】20230324|Sanli iNEWS Sanli iNEWSView the full report on “Google News”