Tom Cruise absent from the Oscars ceremony went to Britain to celebrate Michael Caine’s 90th birthday- 20230318-Entertainment-Daily Ming Pao

“To My Nineteen-Year-Old Me” won the Best Film at the Director’s Council. Maggie Cheung asked Principal Shi to be relieved to be proud of the team. Lin Min-Chen’s cover of “Salon” shocked Eason Chan’s comment on “Song of Destruction”. Gu Dezhao did not dare to be the director, Sister Do was the guest and asked each other about love affairs. Zheng Xinyi’s Red Hall concert took photos of fans. After the brain surgery, Shi Ming uploaded a recent photo of his bald head to report the safety of the first English song. MIRROR plans to start a tour next year (G) I-DLE member MINNIE came to Hong Kong and wanted to eat wonton noodles “I love you” Fan signed a long-term contract with Emperor Shen Zhenxuan to open a fitness room next month “Song Hye Kyo big and small” co-starred in the new drama “The Price of Confessions” Han Shaoxi left a message: Now you are mine Tom Cruise was absent from the Oscars and went to the UK to congratulate Michael Kakin on his 90th birthday. “Wonder Woman Saves the Universe” won the Critics’ Choice Super Award. Ryoko Yonekura was so touched by watching the new drama[Unboxing]”That Man” Satoshi Satoshi People change to find themselves’; else if(linkNextContent==”) linkNextContent=” Next‘; } } $(‘#prevnext’).html(linkNextContent+linkPrevContent); });

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