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The producer blames himself for misrepresenting the information, which caused a serious drop in the performance. Lin Junjie’s Seaside Show temporarily canceled Ian’s performance. Yan Mingxi’s 18th birthday next month. His family came to Hong Kong to celebrate the fan gathering. He wanted to try his first time in his life. He also sang “Chasing” and added his personal style Jiang Tao: My brother can’t imitate Dawn, 14 concerts will be held in Macau in May. Qiu Fengze will attack Hong Kong again. Fans will avoid talking about his marriage with Dou Xiao: He Chaolian is being chased after something is announced, causing chaos. Music fan vision Fang Haowen performed a 99-pound steel bar maiden boxing fight to the end “explosive cylinder” Xie Jiayi narrowly defeated Cao Minbao “The Voice of Middle Age” top 10 stop MVP Yan Zhiheng sighed that he did not get the support of his colleagues to take over the live broadcast and bring goods Chen Ziyao For the first time in “Big Talk Girl” Lee Da Hae married SE7EN on 5.6, was accused of gambling and lost his wife’s wealth and divorced Hyun Bin and his wife filed a lawsuit against Booth on his 68th birthday. “Water Drops” became a red wine expert Kwon Sang-woo played the role of a policeman in Disney+’s new drama[Unboxing]”Rebel Agent” Three Kingdoms Spy War Finds out the inner ghost’; else if(linkNextContent==”) linkNextContent=” Next‘; } } $(‘#prevnext’).html(linkNextContent+linkPrevContent); });