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Sean Linenberger

Tonganok City Public Library, 217 E. Fourth Street

VITA tax support available in February and March

The Council on Aging is currently accepting appointments for scheduled tax assistance dates from libraries. In February, qualified representatives will be at the library on Tuesdays and February 23rd.

Schedules will be added in March as well. Those interested in scheduling appointments should call the Board on Aging at 913-684-0777 and ask for Dawn or Lori.

Some restrictions apply.

Set Monday Dog and Frog Youth Film Day

On Monday, February 6th at 3:15pm, the library will host a special Chieftain Cafe and Movie Day for children next week.

Teens can watch the Disney classic “The Princess and the Frog” while eating hot dogs on Mondays at 3:15pm. The library is also sending home frog shooter crafts with all attendees.

Bingo and Bunko

The library hosts 4 game days (Bingo and Bunco) every Monday of the month.

The first two Mondays are for all ages 12+. On the third and fourth Mondays, only seniors aged 55 or older are treated.

All matches start at 1:00 PM and admission is free. Small, useful or fun prizes are awarded to the winners. Check the library website where Monday is bunko or bingo day.

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