Tricuss LINE AI assistant — ChatGPT integrates AI assistant function, analyzes messages and easily adds them to Google Calendar

Live in a busy life and always lose track of important meetings and work schedules? Sometimes we choose to write important events directly on the Google Calendar, so that we can learn about future important events by viewing the calendar. However, when you are already too busy, it will inevitably happen that you don’t even have time to set your own calendar. At this time, you can use Tricuss, the LINE AI robot shared with you today, which combines ChatGPT with AI assistant function The chatbot will automatically analyze user information and generate calendar join links!

Tricuss LINE AI assistant — ChatGPT integrates AI assistant function, analyzes messages and easily adds them to Google Calendar

I wonder if your calendar is too full? In order to properly allocate the important and important matters of work and life, if you can use calendar App tools such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar, you can clearly remember work schedules, meetings, and important appointments with relatives and friends. One of the daily must-have skills for busy people who want to manage their time well. However, once the busy life is overloaded, it is inevitable that you will still feel lazy to add things to the calendar. How good would it be to have a little assistant by your side to help with these trivial matters of recording the itinerary?

Tricuss AI robot

The LINE ChatGPT chat robot shared with you today—”Tricuss – AI robot”, in addition to supporting “conversation mode”, this is the most common ChatGPT chat function, allowing users to send messages to it if they want to ask some questions temporarily just fine. In addition, it has an additional very interesting and practical “assistant mode”, which allows LINE to act as a portable assistant, as long as you drop the message here, you can directly analyze the message, and then choose the appropriate itinerary quickly Added to the Google Calendar App.

To enable this AI assistant function, just click “Assistant Mode” in the function menu. Then you can use the tone of daily chat to throw things to the Tricuss-AI robot, and then it will assist in the analysis based on the content of the user’s message, and integrate several itineraries that match the content.

At this time, just click “Add to Google Calendar”, and the title, date and time of the event can be directly applied to the itinerary of Google Calendar. I have to say that this function is really convenient. In the past, we sometimes misremembered the date and time of the event, which led to the embarrassment of being late or absent from the schedule. However, this method can directly help users solve the possibility of accidentally entering the calendar manually. The tragedy of the wrong setting of hand slipping.

If you have the exact event itinerary, you can directly copy and paste the event information at this time, and then Tricuss – AI robot will integrate the event title, date and time and other information together, just click “Add to Google Calendar”, in The Google Calendar App confirms the content, adds the event location, and presses “Save” to complete the addition.

Tricuss – AI robot (click me to add friends)

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