Two taxis collide at intersection, two drivers and one passenger injured

Hong Kong news

Sunday, April 16, 2023

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Illegal reclamation is approaching the Devil’s Mountain Fort and the bunker is lost Arrested people ask for help to get home certificate Zhang Xinyu feels that the society is “slowly returning to normal” Liu Yulong advocates for the elderly to take RIV flu shots for middle school students for free The National Education University is compulsory for the next academic year and arranges inspections for the next academic year. The killing of the school is only for emergency. “Environmental Protection Agency predicts pollution will continue to be dropped today. More men will be remanded in custody next month. The same news will be heard next month. The youngest son was killed in a traffic accident in his early years. Weng Juan died at the bottom of a KMB bus. Scholars: The Department of Health and Safety should be in charge of the man and his girlfriend. The taxi driver jumped out of the car to help direct the traffic. Two taxis collided at an intersection. Two drivers and one passenger were injured.