VR game Star Forge to be released on January 31st, soundtrack album to be released on January 27th

end of the month star Forge, Dr Bloc’s new VR game is coming. Who they tapped to write the game’s soundtrack Rob KovacsAlthough initially hired to create the title track, Bloc liked the final product so much that they decided to hire Kovacs to compose the entire game score.

Kovacs wanted to go retro with this sound, using a synthwave style made up of tools such as: Sequential Circuit Prophet 5 rev. 3.2 Synthesizer Logic Pro X DAW, Apogee Ensemble converters and other instruments you’ve never heard of. No one knows if the game will be a hit or not, but a separate soundtrack called STRAYLIGHT will be released, after Star Forge’s main theme.

“My research on early video game soundtracks has greatly influenced my writing. faint light” says Kovacs. “I got the feeling that these early composers were breaking new ground, working with new techniques, and making music for new mediums. They took a lot of risks. I took the same approach for this soundtrack. VR is currently like the Wild West of video games. It is a whole new territory.”

1. Platform
2. Taillight
3. Star Forge
4. Last Bonfire
5. Boyd Compass
6. Devil Star
7. Railgun Run
8. Rise of the Juggernaut
9. Ouroboros
10. End

You can hear STRAYLIGHT below. The full album will be released this Friday, January 27th, and Star Forge will be released on January 31st.

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