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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Hong Kong news two

Transport Department: Comprehensively examine the future of minibuses. Propose to councilors to take over MTR bus lines. Industry: Don’t let buses take over short-distance transportation. Councilors criticize ferry increase as unreasonable. Transport Bureau says research pier “value-added”. Only after the monthly tender was announced that the brownfield site guidelines were changed to 320 hectares of land, and more than half of the land was not changed Frequent shouting for another chance Apparel store’s 610,000 yuan watch and diamond ring stolen Throwing Objects ICAC Added Charges for Three Runs and Convicted the Business Owner for 3 Crimes Involving 2.7 Million in Bribery Leader of the ice hockey association: Promise that if you don’t eat or sleep, you have to wait for the national anthem to be checked Financial Services Bureau: Early delays investigation of two cases of melioidosis in a week. Sixty-year-old woman in critical condition at home. Zhao claims she was robbed by Dai Qi. The civil movement report reveals that she once thanked the official for questioning. It does not seem like a “victim”. Support one country, two systems Zhao: Lam Cheuk-ting and Huang Pik-wan also support the party’s policy Day queen worker pursues unpaid wages The foreman once sat on the roof decoration worker exposed acute myocardial infarction death Expert: You should stay in the hospital for examination Acute myocardial infarction may not be a specialist diagnosis expert: Emergency doctors can judge the support of the Dental Association Internship Advocates Phillips Dental Suffering Street Suffering Suspected Eyes Accident A Truck Crashes a Barrier and Turns Over Zunzi Comics[Emily]Playing Games and Counting Vegetables Granny Lin “So Cute” Hong Kong and Taiwan hosts are praised as professional star talkers “Wizards”[Emily]Qi Playing nunchucks and shouting “National Security, Protect My Homeland”[Emily]4.41 million tourists visited Hong Kong in the first three months before 20% of the epidemic[Emily]Lin Suwei fell to the bathroom two months ago and was hospitalized