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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Hong Kong news two

The first batch of 83 doctors and nurses in the Bay Area arrived in Hong Kong within a week and assigned 7 networked doctors to the operating room to “perform the knife”. Waiting for 12 hours in the room with fever, long-term sick woman, handicapped toilet, dead in toilet, supermarket increased prices by 12% under the epidemic, over 30% of canned food, 90% of products recorded increase Consumer Council calls on merchants to be socially responsible Power frequency conversion is better than fixed frequency by 30% A year’s electricity bill can be 775. 27 types of goji berries have been found to contain heavy metals and lead, nearly exceeding the standard. Teenagers’ mobile game class gold 90,000. Consumer Council appeals to parents to set up monitoring. Focusing on industrial transformation and integrating into the Bay Area does not mean ignoring real estate developers Encouraging the development of Hong Kong’s technology and looking forward to contributing more to the country “Like a trained army” 8 people admitted to the Admiralty Riot Prisoner from 28 to 34 months Official: Unnamed and uninformed trainees, especially workers who are concerned about the Labor Federation’s withdrawal from the parade. Kwong Wah New Building opened at the end of the month and the Accident and Emergency Department was moved on 5.31 Officials denounced “humans as animals” Tong Leju Pleaded Guilty The staff member was remanded for more than a year and remanded for half a year Signing the program Zhao changed his statement, saying that Lin Cheuk-ting’s representative had no objection to the speculation. He had chest pains and did not stay in the hospital for two weeks. The decoration worker died of nature. Avoiding subdivided rent management Over a thousand cases involving violations and 3 convictions Greater Bay Area GBA News: Coordinated regional development Guangdong explores a two-way enclave model Guangdong East, West, North and Pearl River Delta set up cooperation parks Greater Bay Area GBA News: Enclave test field Shenshan Cooperation Zone last year Notes on Bay Area with an output value of 9 billion: Film and television tourism or a flash in the pan? /Text: Shang Dongmei Zunzi Comic[Emily]Personnel are considering the effect of photographing in the conference hall. Unit for 4 people for rent[Emily]Housing Society 75th Anniversary Event Huang Weilun sold Artificial Island Beidu[Emily]The 1 millionth visitor of the Forbidden City received a free exhibition catalog[Emily]Wu Margaret opened Patreon